5 Tips To Help You To Create A Mix & Match Wardrobe

Clothing can start to get very expensive when you start to look at garments that are only suitable for one outfit. There are countless examples of this on the web and in stores, with many of the garments people wear being hard to match with other elements of their wardrobe. It never has to be this way, though, with loads of options out there to make your pursuit for a mix and match wardrobe easier to achieve. Let’s take a look at the options you have available.

1 – Use Layers

Picking clothing that is designed to be worn in layers can be a great approach to a mix and match wardrobe. Tank tops and cardigans, for example, can be worn together for a cozy look one day, but you could also wear the tank on its own when you want to enjoy a cooler outfit. This is a simple example, but you can be a lot more creative with layering to make your garments go further.


2 – Simple Colors

Colors can easily clash when they aren’t paired correctly, and garments with more than one color will always be the hardest to match with the clothing you like. This makes it worth picking options with simple colors, giving you a far easier job of matching them with other garments in your collection.

3 – Statement Pieces

Of course, most people don’t want to stick to simple or boring colors with their entire outfit, and this is where you have the chance to add a little more excitement to the whole thing. Statement pieces are garments that bring your whole outfit together, turning something that would otherwise be boring into a stunning get-up. This can be a top, bottom, pair of shoes, or anything else you like the look of.

4 – Accessories

Accessories can be a very powerful tool when you are creating diverse outfits. Much like your statement piece, accessories can be used to make something that would otherwise be quite boring into an interesting and exciting outfit. It’s always worth exploring your options with this, with many companies offering huge ranges of accessories at lower prices. Check out the Vibe Clothing Company jewelry collection.

5 – The Right Brands

Finally, it’s time to think about the brands that you choose, with some designers choosing to make outfits that are truly unique, and other creating clothing that is versatile and flexible. You need to choose from the latter, looking for brands that do a good job to create ranges that all work together and with the clothing in your wardrobe.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start creating your mix and match wardrobe. A lot of people struggle with work like this, finding it hard to know what needs to be done when they are trying to build a wardrobe that is flexible and easy to work with. Of course, though, it doesn’t take much to change something like this. Start planning your new wardrobe today by checking out all of the new arrivals at Vibe Clothing Company.