Not Just for the Dudes: How to Wear a Hat and Still Look Cute

how to wear a hatSome events (or bad hair days) require you to be wearing a hat! Wondering how to wear a hat but still look cute? We show you how to style yourself well here!

Ah, the hat, an underrated accessory that we either love or hate. We love they can cover up a bad hair day in a pinch but dread the potential for a fashion mistake.

For many, the hat is an intimidating accessory. Does it fit right? Does it match with this outfit? When and where can I wear it? All are valid questions when you’re unsure of how to wear a hat.

Fortunately, hats are trending, and not just for the guys. Outfits paired with the right hat are perfect for semi-formal and casual events.

These tips on popular hats and styles will show you how to wear a hat look adorable, too!

How to Wear a Hat

Before you start grabbing any interesting hat to wear, you need to know how to wear a hat with the right outfit.

Your hat’s style should match or accent your outfit. A light-colored wide brim hat with a summer dress is a great pair.

Color is important when picking a hat. Some people love bright colored hats, which is totally great, just make sure another part of your outfit matches the bright color.

Lastly, know where you’re going. If you’re going to a semi-formal event, leave the flat bill baseball cap at home.

The Baseball Cap

The well-known baseball cap is a classic choice for women who are on the go. Going to a sporting event? Running errands? Going for a run or hike? The baseball cap has you covered, literally.

However, the baseball cap has been accompanying preppy and dressier looks. Solid color and leather baseball caps give a more sophisticated look. Now you can pair your favorite sweater or T-Shirt dress with a trendy baseball cap.

How to Wear a Hat with a Wide Brim

As a classic timeless hat, the wide brim hat has taken many shapes and styles. Wide brim hats pair well with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

During the summer months, you will not want to miss out on pairing your favorite romper, dress, or shorts and tee with a light-colored sun hat. The wide brim keeps the sun off your face but your style will be bright and tasteful.

Felt wide brim hats are the perfect accent to a Fall outfit. Dresses, rompers, jeans, cardigans, and jackets – anything really- all look great with a wide brim hat.

The Beanie

If you’re wondering how to wear a hat like a beanie, it’s easy and simple. Simple understated beanies accent professional wear well and are comfortable for your weekend attire. Pom-poms, beads, and bright colored beanies can add a splash of fun to your outfit.

The comfy, fun, and stylish beanie is a favorite for the fall and winter months.

The Beret

This French-style hat can be a hit or a complete miss. Accenting a beret with a simple suit, casual jeans, or a nice coat is a hit. Pairing your beret with something red, dotted, or striped shouts “costume” which is a complete miss.

Follow these simple tips on how to wear a hat like a beret for a classy look.

Now – Slap a Hat on That Head!

Now that you know how to wear a hat with the right outfit, you’ll look great in whatever you find fits your style. In the end, you’ll have to mix and match to find the right hat for you.

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