Plus-Size Fashion Tips for Fashionable Curvy Girls

happy plus size woman posing at home mirrorFinding size inclusive clothing can be difficult for the plus sized girl. Keep reading to discover how curvy girls can dress for fashionable success.

We’ve all searched through the racks and tried on a dozen options, only to give up and leave empty-handed. Finding the perfect outfits for curvy figures can feel like an endless pursuit.

It doesn’t have to, though.

According to Market Research, 54 million Americans fall within the market for plus-sized products. As the market appeals to this broader audience, there are even more styles and options to choose from.

It’s all about knowing your style. Here are five fashion-forward tips for fashionable curvy girls, so you can dress for success!

1. Embrace Your Curves

You don’t have to cocoon yourself in baggy clothing to hide those gorgeous curves. Instead, choose clothes that complement your natural curves.

That also means you don’t have to tuck in your tummy, which can lead to a lumpy and unnatural appearance.

Try a crop top to show off a little tummy, or thigh-highs for a little flare.

Embrace your body for a look that flatters instead of concealing those curves.

2. Find Clothes That Flatter

No two people are alike, so they shouldn’t dress alike, either. Find clothes that flatter your body type to find the best match for your curves.

Once you determine your body type, styling curvy physiques is a lot easier. Whether you’re a triangle, hourglass, or somewhere in between, the ideal clothes for your body type can perfect your look.

Find your vibe and discover outfits for curvy girls with these fresh styles.

3. Color for Your Complexion

Don’t restrict yourself to solid colors. Plus size fashion tips like “always wear black to appear slim” aren’t law.

Instead, find colors that complement your complexion. Fabrics also shouldn’t be the same color as your skin tone.

If you’re nervous about going bold with bright colors, start small. Add a pop of color here or there—your heels, a handbag—to mix it up!

4. Tailored to Fit

Tailoring can help curvy girls elevate an outfit from “eh” to “woah!”.

By tailoring your clothes, you can ensure the perfect fit. An outfit that’s loose in all the wrong places can appear sloppy and unflattering.

Wide belts and a stylish blazer can also help hide unfortunate fashion mishaps. With these plus size fashion tips, you can improve your wardrobe and always look your best.

5. Wear What Wows You

When we look good, we feel good. To look like a sexy, curvy woman, you should feel like one, too!

Choose clothes that make you feel confident about yourself. That confidence will shine brighter than any accessory.

Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to accessorize! The right necklace or heels can completely redefine an outfit.

On The Plus-Side: Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

Rewrite the rules of fashion! With these tips for styling curvy, you can find your vibe and look fabulous doing it. Give your wardrobe a makeover with these fashion tips for curvy girls.

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