Color Guide: Which Colors Look Best on You?

From hair to undertones, different colors look better on different people. Follow this color guide to choose the right colors for your wardrobe.

clothing color guideWhen it comes to styling, one of the more common concerns is color. Many of us already have a variety of go-to colors, as well a list of ones we avoid. While these notions can be subjective, it’s not bad to rely on science for picking our perfect shade.

Like hair and make-up, our “perfect color” is reflective of our skin tones. There are three categories of skin tones that many stylists use: cool, warm, and neutral.

So, how do you use your skin tone to find the best colors for your wardrobe? Check out our color guide, which discusses the 3 different skin tone categories and how to dress for each.

For the Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, you typically fall on one side of the color spectrum. These skin tones range from very light and fair to very dark, all having bluish undertones.

Blues and purples are going to be your best friends. They give a nice pop of color, where others may not stand out as much. Think bright and royal blue, sapphire, lavender, amethyst, and deep purple.

Some “warmer” colors also look good on the cool skin tone. Bright pinks and reds stand out nicely, as well as some neutral shades, such as gray and navy. However, you may want to avoid oranges and yellows.

For the Warm Skin Tone

We see warm skin tones in those who have greenish, golden, or olive undertones. Those with dark blonde and dark brown hair typically have warmer complexions.

Unlike those with the cool skin, these guys look best in oranges, yellows, and even reds. That tanner complexion makes these colors appear more vibrant than they already are.

Certain greens can also be very flattering, such as forest green, pesto, and olive. Other more neutral dark shades, including marron and tan, are always great choices. Opt for these over an icy shade or jeweled tone (i.e. ruby or sapphire).

For the Neutral Skin Tone

The last skin type on this color guide is neither warm or cool, which can be hard to discern. But, those who don’t fall into the above categories are the usual candidates for neutral skin.

Those with neutral skin tones may want to steer clear of anything too vibrant or flashy. Instead, opt for clothes with a more balancing shade, such as light peaches, pinks, and reds. Also, light blues and greens are great options.

Taupes and off-whites are also good, but bright neutrals can be a bit conflicting.

Where Do You Fall on the Color Guide?

By no means is this an exhaustive list of flattering colors for skin tone. When adding to your wardrobe, keep in mind these are just “guidelines”- not rules.

Look for flattering colors but if you see a piece of clothing beyond your usual palette, go for it!

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